McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tim Eriksen, Yankee Fiddler

I love it when I stumble onto someone new who is so good. I love his singing. I love his fiddling style. Powerful in it's simplicity. Elegance.
Here are some selections of his playing for your edification and amusement. Folks often assume that your talking the Appalachians or the Ozarks when you talk fiddling but as many of you know, there is a northern fiddling tradition as found in New England and Canada.
Mr. Eriksen is a fine example of our Yankee bretheren. I was not aware of him but he has been around and that significantly. Played on the "Cold Mountain" soundtrack and with many famous musicians. Where have I been?!
He rates one of my exceptions for being non-Ozarkian/Missourian/Akansawyer and is going on my links list as well as favorites list. His fiddling combined with his singing is fantastic.
He is a great example of how the fiddle and that kind of singing is a kind of "wayback" machine for me. It sends me to another place long past.
I think I have previously mentioned Nickolai Fox did a wonderful documentary on a group of New England fiddlers called "Music for the Sky" (caveat here is the musicians were playing southern style)
On his YouTube page, he mentions Doc Watson influenced him. Nothing wrong with that!

This tune below, is a New England tune

You can find Tim on YouTube or on his website.

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