McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Welcome new followers

I see a few more followers have been added recently and I welcome them. It's nice to see people interested in this blog.

The strength of this blog in my opinion is the collection of info in one place that can save you a lot of trouble in trying to find it for yourself.

I feel pretty good about what I been able to do with this blog and hope to improve the quality of the material over time.


If your going to Winfield this year check their website because they have changed the land rush day to Saturday. There are heavy rains there and flooding is a worry. Yes, again! I won't be going this year but hope to next year. I am ready for another Winfield fix. If you have not gone yet, GO! Trust me. You really cannot pass up Winfield for a quality music experience along with that incomparable Winfield "community feeling". Take your instruments but finding a jam cold is not as easy as has been suggested. If you have a bold personality you can but if your timid you will have some trouble. Unless it's after hours in the Pecan Grove and you join a roving jam.

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