McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Shawnee Jam comes to an end

After consulting with Martin, I concluded that it was time to bring the jam to an end. I am glad I tried it and we did have some really good sessions but in the end, I am just not as good a player as I need to be to run a jam. Attendance just kept petering out and clearly it was just not what it needed to be.

I will miss it and I am very glad to have met some many folks who I would not have met otherwise. I know we will bump into each other at other jams and events.

Yeah, it's sad for me. As I have said recently,my interest is renewed towards learning and playing and it is probably time to woodshed for a while.

Maybe I will try it again next year? Who knows? Or a different group will start a new jam? I will be off to Jackson Co. to check out some Bluegrass jams over there and maybe even to Lawrence.

If you came to the jam, thanks for coming. See you around? OK?

Oh, not to forget, Martin has started a jam in Kearney Mo. and I will certainly be visiting that. I don't know if he has it on folkjam but will post info about it here later.


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