McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Summer slump

I have been a bit slow on the blogging and can only attribute this to the heat of summer and my fatigue of working in it. My last blog was kind of a mess I admit. Some days I just can't make sense enough to make myself clear.

I will say again that the pleasure is returning to my playing after being down in the dumps from my long term unemployment. My arm injury is lingering and concerns me.

So, no upbeat post tonight. Just what it really is. As I noted, Winfield is coming in a little more than a month and it sure would perk me up to go. Starvy Creek Bluegrass Festival near Lebanon Mo is at the same time and I love that place alot. If you want to check out a very fine festival of quite manageable size, that one is a good one.

I have not confirmed the death of the Stringband Rendezvous but will let you know what I find out. It's hard times out there my friends. I don't see any good signs of things getting better soon.

There is a new Musical instrument store in town and will do a blog on that later this week. Mostly, it's fiddles with a few guitars and I expect, Mandolins. More on this later.

For fiddlers in Johnson Co. this will be good news.

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