McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Monday, August 30, 2010

The Serendipity of Playing Old Time

I don't know if you can practice enough. I know I need to step it up. I don't practice enough. Do you ever?
It's a relief to be pulling out of this slump!
I used to play at least an hour a day. Now I have been too hit and miss with more miss than hit. Sound familiar?

Progress is so slow your efforts are not always self reinforcing enough to reward your efforts. Still, on occasion you can find yourself making real progress and that gratifies.

The Jam has really helped me but I need to step it up apart from jamming. I will repeat a truth that has been confirmed to me out of this experience. Jamming is vital to your progress in learning to play. You will not progress in as good a way until you play with others.

I have said this before, I know but some time ago.

This blog is about Old Time Music as appreciated by an enthusiast who is learning to play. I am not a skilled musician or have played for thirty years nor have I been a part of any special group of enlightened aficionado's. I just love the music and I love the guitar. I am much like many of you. I am the guy that attends concerts and dances and buys the CD's and MP-3's. I write a blog about what has become a great blessing to me.

It's just that simple. The so called experts around KC have not risen to this task so I thought I would try. It's about my journey and what I can find on the web and other places. It's about the really fine people I meet and who helps me along the path to deeper enjoyment. When I find something I like to share it. On occasion I find the so called "experts" might just have it wrong and my own experience is validated in another direction. Just get me started on getting an instrument that fits your hands and body ergonomically.....

Maybe in the fullness in time I will aquire some "expertise". About the time I die perhaps seeing that I am soon to turn 60. Jeez!

If your reading this and you have always wanted to learn to play an instrument...I say, DO IT! Go ahead and no matter your age, get that instrument and find a teacher and go at it! In some ways it's easier, some ways harder. It's worth it.

It was during another period of unemployment that found me driving past Mountain Music Shoppe in Shawnee Ks and having the light go on. I walked into the shop and saw the guitar and I answered the call right there. My life was changed that day.
Your can change too. If your getting called to play...answer.

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