McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lunchtime musing on the Internet

At first the Internet and computers only seemed to further isolate us from each other. However, in recent years, since MySpace and Facebook the reverse is now true. These social networking services are opening the Old Time Music "Community" up to new faces and people around our world. We are becoming aware of bands and players and other folks that just like to listen that we had just about no chance to find otherwise.

This is good. If you take advantage of this, your life can be richer and more fulfilling through interactions with others who share this music.

I personally celebrate this "new media" and think it's clearly superior to the older forms that favored commerce. You would only hear about something or someone if there was money in it for someone, generally. This was the prime mover. Money. Even in so called publications devoted to our music, money was still involved. Not that money is bad. It just flavors the stew.

We now get the option of a different flavor.

Take advantage of these new networks and reach out and find others like yourself that enjoy our music.


I just visited Jas Obrechts great blog on music and was just so impressed with his writing ability. His latest entry is on Hendrix (Jimi) and this caused me to think that hopefully some day, such journeyman writers who actually know what they are writing about, can have a place to make a living doing this. When you encounter a blog like this that has the hand out, I hope you can oblige if possible.

This economy is destructive to a lot of people right now. We need each other. Bad.

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