McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Little Liza Jane

I found this clip and wanted to share it with you.
It was mostly poor people that kept this music alive for us to enjoy today. They did not have much but they had each other and they had Grandpaw's old fiddle and banjer and could play music and dance and it did not cost a thing.

This clip is an example of that. This still happens here. Here and all over Arkansas and Missouri and Kansas and Nebraska and Iowa and Illinois. It might not be on MTV or get the attention of New Jersey Shore but it's there.

Sometimes, maybe most of the time it's one person sitting with a laptop watching YouTube clips of this. Too broke to go any where and no jams to attend that they know of.

We are lucky to have jams here in Kansas City that we can play at with some really nice people to play with.

The current economic status is very depressing for a lot of folks and it's hard to keep your spirits up with hope ebbing away for relief any time soon.

I am not being a Pollyanna to suggest that you find a place to play music with others or find places to hear music and share the fellowship of others as a way to find some moments of distraction from this Depression/Recession.

We all have to come up for air from time to time. Just like the old folks did back in the hills and hollers who never had anything to amount to anything but that old fiddle.

Gather your family around you and start playing and singing. They will never forget those moments and the songs you shared. I still remember Mom singing, "You are my sunshine" to me when I was a boy. No billionaire had more wealth than I had when Mom sang that song to me so long ago. You can do the same for yours too. Don't be stingy.

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