McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jam time already this saturday

I guess it must be the heat. This saturday snuck up on me again. It's jam time.
I might have to start singing at some point at the jam and that should terrify you all that come as much as it does me. I really want us to play "You are my sunshine". I have to try it.

Please come out and help us beat the heat at the well air conditioned Lodge blg. We are still in the summer slump time and attendance is down. I am guessing at least part of it is the summer. I am hoping it will pick up this fall.

Please go to for the info on the jam in Shawnee Ks this saturday. Some have reported difficulty finding it. It is on the jam list and should now be towards the top of the list given the date.

We need help. As I often say, I am not the best person to run a jam but someone has to do it! At least I still think so.
This summer has been slow but I will renew the efforts for this jam this fall. I still think this is a good thing. I also know, my pitiful playing is part of the reason it's not doing as well as it could. Folks are coming hoping for a killer player to hear and lead and unfortunately, I am not that. I am progressing though and perhaps I can get a bit better and that will help. I had big plans for practice this fall and working outside in the heat just killed that. Sigh!

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