McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The great divisive questions of our time

The world has become a tinderbox with economic depression, political dissension and environmental disasters I thought it was time to bring this blog into the heat of discussion and ask you these vital questions....

1. Rosewood or Mahogany? (Or Koa?)
2. Adirondack(red)Spruce or Sitka?
3. Real Tortise shell or "Tortis"? Or Clayton Golds? Or Red Bear? Or Wegen or Blue Chip?
4. Chinese or American fiddle?
5. Phosphor Bronze or Bronze? Or more radically...Nickel! gasp!
6. Pick up or naked?
7. Sunburst or plain?
8. High gloss or satin?
9. Brazilian or East Indian?
10.Ebony fretboard or Rosewood?
11. Sta-tites or Waverly's?

Yes, these are the questions you must answer! You must take a stand! Or find yourself playing a plywood Mongolian git-jo.

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