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McClurg Jam

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fiddles and Frets in Merriam Ks

There is a new instrument store in Merriam kansas and it's called Fiddles and Frets.
It will emphasize Fiddles. They are affiliated with the next door KC Strings folks who you may know about, there in Merriam on Merriam Drive just south of Johnson Drive. KC Strings emphasis is on VIOLINS and not Fiddles so they have Fiddles and Frets to work that part of the music market. The owners of Fiddles and Frets, Michael and Jamie are both great musicians and fiddlers and are highly knowledgeable in what they are doing.

They also sell a small number of guitars, focusing on quailty learners of mid range cost and are not selling the cheapo junk nor the high end stuff. They have a few banjos and Mandolins as well.

I have had their website that they use for online sales for some time on my links list.

This should be good news for Johnson and Wyandotte County Ks folks. Now you can get dedicated Fiddle experts and service in this area.

This means that Lawrence Ks has Steve Mason's shop, Independence has Wyatts shop and we in JO Co Ks has Fiddles and Frets. Three stores to cover the three regions I talked about earlier.

It's steps like this that help rebuild what was lost nearly two years ago.

Please stop by and meet Michael Richwine and Jamie Logan and support them when you can. I stopped by and had a great visit with Michael and am very enthusiastic about what they are doing. Great guys and a good start. They are still building and doing this on a shoe string.

When I first set up this blog I checked out the violin and fiddle resources for the area and there are quite a number of Violin and fiddle makers and luthiers in our area and as I said, this is the hub of a very vibrant musical community and we are blesssed to be part of it. We just don't get together enough.

Fiddles and Frets is located next door to KC Strings in Merriam Ks at 5842 Merriam Drive. 913-677-0400

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