McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Thursday, August 26, 2010

CBS and Harry Smith on the McClurg Jam

That's old Bob Holt on the fiddle. I thought I saw Ashley Hull too. Jeremy Myers plays there these days and helps keep the fire burning. One of these days I will sit in that circle and play too. Where is this you ask? McClurg Missouri, a small bump in the road in Southern Missouri west of Ava and really in the sticks. God's country. I used to Coon hunt not so far away back in the day. Got some too. Went out with the Parmenter brothers.
One time we were in a small hollow and the coyotes were mad that we were there and put up a fuss like you won't believe, all around us. Kind of spooky. Put us all on edge.
I sure wish it was not so far away. I lived in Norwood those days and had no idea what I was missing in Bob Holt just a bit south of me. I kick myself for being unaware of the music around me then.
Elmer Shudy did take me to shape note singing in a small church several miles south of Norwood. I wish I had done more of it. All my days there were in the late 70's. After that it was off to Kansas City.

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  1. I planned to go to McClurg several years ago,back when Bob Holt was still playing there,even went so far as to call the lady that hosted it ,Eileen Adams, and asked her a lot of questions. She was very nice and I told her that I WOULD BE THERE IN THE NEAR FUTURE . I had good intentions of going and was looking forward to it but like they used to say "the best laid plans of mice and men"anyway I never did get to go. I didn't know that Harry Smith did a story about it,wish that I HAD SEEN THAT.


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