McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Old Time on Pandora the online music player

I keep meeting folks that are not aware of Pandora, the online music player service. This is different than online "radio". On Pandora you create a "station" by listing a favorite performer that represents the genre you like to listen to and it will play songs along the lines of the performer you listed. You help focus the program towards more precise song selection along the lines of what your looking for by rating the songs it is playing. In time your going to get pretty close to what your looking for in listening pleasure and very little of stuff you really don't enjoy.

They have a program that does all this for you. Amazingly they found a way to translate a song into digital catagories that can be pegged by the program and channeled your way.

There are of course, set standard catagories and genres that can get you started and for most will suffice completely. It's like listening to radio without hearing or seeing commercials. After about three years of operation the selections are getting pretty good given the esoteric nature of our taste.

Google Pandora and you will readily find the site. Part of how they gain revenue and the cooperation of the recording companies is the sale of copies of the songs digitally.

Check it out. If you can have your computer playing music at work this program is ideal and you will like the way it works.

Here is the link. I will provide it after all.

I have no financial interest here.

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