McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jam time already this saturday

Given the phenomena of the calender for this month, the monthly jam is coming up this saturday. I am about a couple weeks behind in my personal preparation for this. I had the flu that really lasted for two weeks with a third lingering. I am going to try to woodshed up and try to learn a new tune that we play.
After some months of being down about things I am starting to get more interested in my guitar again and enjoying it more. I think everyone goes through those periods. For years I made it a point to play every day. Then this winter I fell off the wagon for long periods until recently.
Why? Discouragement. I hurt my arm quite badly and it hurt to play for long. Then I got the flu. I guess I just needed a break.
I am always of the opinion that you can learn something from any circumstance. What did I learn?
A break can be good in some ways. Don't force it if it's not in you. It will only make the experience sour and in the long run hurt your love for the music.
Why have I stuck with this so many years when I still can't play very well?! I have to wonder but I can't help it.

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