McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dwight Lamb, Missouri Valley Fiddler releases CD's

Dwight Lamb, a well known (to the illuminati like us) fiddler from Iowa, has released two new CD's. One is a compendium of two older LP recordings from the seventies into one CD, called "Old Time Fiddle Classics in the Missouri Valley Style". The other is "Accordian Tunes, Danish Melodies in America" This last one is an accordian album.
More information can be found at the Missouri Traditional Fiddle and Dance Network site.

Two samples are available for your listening pleasure.

I never hear about where Dwight Lamb plays these days so I will dig around for that.
To restate, Dwight Lamb is an accomplished fiddler in the Missouri Valley Style. Dwight is older now so we should take some care to be able to see him perform someday.

Both CDs are available from Missouri Valley Music at 511 South Pleasant St., Canton, South Dakota 57013, or via e-mail.

Check out this article about him here...

Dwight is playing with this group.

Like I tell you often here, I love Ozark fiddling the best but I do love me some Missouri Valley Style Fiddling too! It seems to grow on you.

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