McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Spotted Pony

NOTE Another Jam Tune

I once had a guitar exactly like his.

This guy does it nice on his dulcimer

This young lady does a real fine job of it. She is backing herself on guitar.

Of course, I love me some clawhammer banjo and this version is sweetness and sugar to me.

OK, I am gonna stick my neck out and commit to learning this one and be ready to play lead and rhythm on it by the next jam. Expect to see this one next time. Bill Crahan gave me tab for it back in the day but I had to quit him and did not get to learning it.

UPDATED: Yes, I really am working on it and the tab is pretty simple and easy so far. The first version is in D and I will learn it in other keys as well.

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  1. Spotted Pony's one of my favorites- but the guitar version above is really remarkable- I'd never heard such a relaxed, lovely rendition. Thanks!


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