McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Stringband Rendezvous update

Here is the list of bands and people playing at Stringband Rendezvous in a couple weeks. May 14,15,16 at Clinton Lake near Lawrence Ks.

2010 Schedule
Friday May 14th Evening Performances

* 7:00 — The Alferd Packer Memorial String Band
* 8:00 — Cowtown Cajuns
* 9:00 — Axel and the Equators
* 10:00 — Robin Roberts & Billie Preston
* 11:00 — TBD

Saturday May 15st Afternoon & Evening Performances

* MC: Axel Foley
o Noon — TBD
o 1:00 — Electric Prairie
o 2:00 — B-Town String Band
o 3:00 — Ampersand
* MC:Sean Mulkey & Scott McClewin
o 4:00 — Blue Root
o 5:00 — The Frayed Nots
o 6:00 — Kaw Mountain
o 7:00 — Mojo National
* MC: Jamey Logan
o 8:00 — The Stranger Creek String Band
o 9:00 — The Prarie Acre
o 10:00 — Highwater String Band
o 11:00 — TBD

I am going to be a volunteer and it looks like I will be there Friday and Saturday.
That's about all my attention span is good for these days. This is a good time to catch all those bands you wanted to see/hear but could not. For one trip you get a good selection.

Kaw Mountain band is a new group formed out of folks who play at Roland Manbecks and Greg McCarthy's jam.
Check them out at this site

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