McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Public Service Message update

I know. You probably thought I was just being a crazy old coot when I posted the original Public Service posting on April 27th.
What has happened since then? The Oil platform explosion and developing oil leak in the gulf of Mexico is poised to be a disaster for the gulf fisheries and otherwise environmental horror.
A terror attack attempt at NY City.
Now, Marc Faber is warning about the likely chance of China crashing economically within the next year. Europe is tettering under it's debt and the Euro is in doubt.

My friends. Get ready.

The culture that gave us Old Time music and all those fiddle tunes is the same cultural memory that can help us in times like this. They have been there done that.

My friends. Get ready. It could soon be time that you will have to learn to boil those strings to get more use out of them.

Too many people live in a dream world of denial. IT CAN HAPPEN HERE!

"What do you mean it can happen here you old nut?"

Just about anything bad. Stop living in denial. Prepare. Decide to survive. Be ready for even harder times. If you think we are in recovery....well...think again.

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