McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Monday, May 24, 2010

Old Timey folks north of us in Nebraska

As part of my interest in Missouri Valley Fiddling and looking into the great fiddler, Bob Walters of Tekamah Ne. I discovered "new" groups of people who also love and play "Old Timey" music and they are not so far away.

In Avoca Nebraska, a small town in the southeast part of the state, a pair of musicians live and work teaching and playing. They like us are a reflection of the unique ethnic culture of the area.

Greenblatt and Seay live in a village size town and perform concerts and teach music. They teach a number of instruments and publish instructional books as well. They teach Swedish, Hungarian, Russian and Irish tunes that reflect the ethnic background of that area.

I have not met or heard them play. From the website, they are pretty similar to the folks at Lawrence Ks.

Check them out at

There are a number of folks that live in NE KS that might find an interest in a neighbor across the line and not that far north who puts on concerts and helps in the local fiddle contests.

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