McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mountain View Arkansas, Mecca of Old Timey Music

Did I say Mecca? I will probably stop using that term after this but the meaning is clear. It refers to someplace that a devotee simply must visit at least once. Mountain View is that kind of place. You must get there at least once in your life and preferably much more.

I have only been able to get there once so far. It was an "off" day with nothing much going on and I could not stay the night. We toured the city as best we could and ate lunch before making the important journey to Timbo where Jimmy Driftwood lived and now resides in spirit. I was able to find my way to his headstone fairly quickly as it is in a graveyard right off the highway.

You will not soon find any other small town that is set up for jams like this town is. In the area of and around the courthouse there are multitude of folding chairs and tables where locals and visitors hold spontaneous and scheduled jams. At times this can mean large numbers of people on a scale to boggle the mind and at others, just a handful. They used to have a stage set up permanently at the Courthouse for concerts but I think that is gone now.

Jimmy Driftwood set up his own hall for concerts and it still operates as a place for concerts for Old Timey music.

There is a competing hall across town that does the same but I am not certain it is still open.

Then there is the Ozark Folk Center. This is the facility Jimmy Driftwood helped bring. It has a gift shop and scheduled events and concerts but you will have to check in advance and not assume you can go there on any particular evening and find a concert.

There are at least two music stores in town. One has a luthier.

There is a really large Bed and Breakfast and it looks like a nice one.

The town is a classic Ozark small town. Slow moving and very pleasant. There are plenty of motels available and cabins are available at the Ozark Folk Center.

This is the REAL ozarks. Just beautiful. The hills are big and steep and the hollows deep. A sight seeing drive along ridgetops is just delightful. The down side is slow drivers on long stretches of winding road that passing is not possible.

If you have not gone yet, the drive it well worth it. There is no place like it. At least in the midwest.

I just wish I had gone when Jimmy Driftwood was still alive and had the pleasure of meeting him.

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