McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memorial Day in the United States of America

What a mess we are in! I well remember the sixties and how tumultuous those times were. I clearly remember the Cuban Missle crisis, Kennedy's assassination, ML Kings murder, Vietnam, the Chicago riots during the Democratic Convention and on and on.

Our leaders had pushed us to the brink and we suffered for it. Some of it was purgative and ultimately good for us. Much of it was not.

Now, today, we are in a very deep dark hole and much of it caused by our incompetent and dishonest leaders. My friends, I am going to be honest with you by saying I am scared to death these days.

Many of us are.

I am not so scared as to forget the reason for this day. Or reasons.
One of them is to remember our fallen Soldiers and Sailors and Airmen who paid the price. A lot of them should never have had to do this for us. Several of the wars we have been in have been huge misadventures that really did not require our participation.

A couple of them were pretty much unavoidable and had to be won.

In any case, our men and women of the Armed Forces stepped up and did their duty for us. I thank them for what they did. Both the dead and the living. I thank them all no matter what war it was. They did not get to choose. They just went.

So this weekend, lets remember them and our wonderful (still) country, the United States of America.

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