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McClurg Jam

Monday, May 3, 2010

Leo Posch Guitar Builder

Leo Posch is one of this area's most renown Luthiers. While there are other really excellent luthiers and even other guitar builders in the Kansas City region, Leo Posch is in my opinion, the Creme De La Creme.
Now this is bold talk for an old bald guy but you can find my opinion backed up by the good people who frequent the Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum, a few of whom own or have played Leo's guitars. These folks will tell you that these are really special guitars that have that vintage tone as if they were 80 years old already. They are basically close copies of the venerable Martin's of the thirties and forties. He does inject his own ideas and thinking along with a few from the old Gibson's he worked on.

He has been building for a few years now and from what I see he is just getting better and better and he started out really really good.

I first heard about Leo several years ago when I wanted to get a good set up on my Martin D-16 GT. Not that I could play worth a damn but after he worked his magic on that guitar, it was much easier to play and sounded darn good.

When you meet Leo in his shop which is under his house, you feel immediately that it'
s like you met an old friend. He is one of the nicest and most pleasant fellows you can meet. Clearly a gentle man with great patience. He had me play so he could see what he really needed to do with it. He really cares about what he does and you get his full attention. This is not true everywhere else. Believe me.

His website is a great place to go and see what he can do. He builds beautiful instruments. Many folks like to have him do sunbursts on the top finish and he does a fantastic job.

Go here to see Leo's website.

Be sure to check out GuitarBench magazine's interview of Leo here...

Compared to some other custom builders, Leo is fairly reasonable. However, reasonable is between 3-4 thousand dollars. This is still a lot of money for me being broke all the time. My playing is probably never going to be worthy of such a good guitar. I am already living above my raising with my Martin!

Seriously, if you have never heard of Leo and are looking for a great guitar that has a special killer sound and tone, Leo is where you should go first.

By the way. Leo plays banjo for the Midday Ramblers bluegrass band based in Lawrence Ks. They are one of my favorite local bands.

Blog notice: I have no connection or business interest or have recieved any consideration or payment from Leo Posch. This is purely a review by a customer blogger who thinks Leo is the best.

This is Leo on the banjo. This is a fun band.

Picture credits, Top picture from the rest from Leo's website.

A final comment;
This is one of the reasons the Kansas City region, which includes Lawrence Kansas is one of the best places to be when it comes to acoustic music like bluegrass and Old Timey. You can get a best quality custom built instrument that is world class and find other musicians who are likewise world class. What with Winfield's Walnut Valley Festival not too far away, and an awful lot of formerly rural folk who love this kind of music, you have the mix that makes a special place.
Sadly, the closing of Mountain Music Shoppe still leaves a huge hole. At least we have Mass St Music in Lawrence and Bentleys in Parkville.

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