McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Instruments seen at Stringband Rendezvous

Being a Martin guy I thought it was interesting to see only one Martin there and it was not even mine. I left mine at home and I am glad I did given the weather. Still.
One Martin. The other "good" guitars seen were one Huss and Dalton and one Collings. Oh, and one Mossman.

The rest were, one Guild, and several unknowns of modest linage. I suspected one to be a Taylor but I could not see well enough but that Taylor jangle was in evidence but the bridge was not Taylor sooooo...

It was fun to see Scott McLewins fiddle with that decoration on the back as can be see on his avatar.

Lauralyn Bodle's (Alferd Packer) fiddle was made of sycamore and very pretty and sounded good.

Steve Goeke's 100 yr old banjo (Alferd Packer) was really really neat. The inlayed design on the peghead was very very cool and the intricate designs of fine detailing were superb.

Jamie Logan's Cajun accordian which looked very similar to an alpine accordian was very interesting.

Someone with Roscommon played pipes of some type I could only hear and not see. Very nice.

This is not an exhaustive list as several got by me without finding out what they were.

I observed yet again just how "quiet" the guitar is in relation to other instruments. We all know this. Without amplification it would be at a serious disadvantage. I saw no pickups on any guitars as I like normally but now I wonder if we would all be better off (players and audience) if they were used in these events where electronic amplification is used.

I did see a pickup on Mr. Goeke's banjo.

Banjo's. No obnoxious loud banjos! I like that!

I am an admitted "gear head". I have no intention of seeking recovery any time soon.

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