McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Allow me a little musing before I retire for the night.

It has always amazed me to find myself at various splits in the road and finding myself traveling down a road to somewhere I never even dreamed about let alone planned to go to.

I have read and heard all about the "Intentional Life" and "Being Intentional". For many years I thought that way. So called experts tell you (themselves control freaks of the highest order) that this is the way to be successful.

There is a lot of truth to that but the flip side of that coin is the serendipitous random discovery of unknown jewels that you did not have a clue about but found anyway.

I went through a painful divorce and during that period I had this dream that I was standing on the banks of a river in full powerful flow. The road I was to travel continued at the other side to unknown new vistas. It was overcast and scary but you knew you had no choice but to continue.

Then, a few years later, driving down the street in Shawnee I saw a little store. It was called Mountain Music Shoppe. I found myself stopping and finding a new place of wonder to explore. Taking that turn in the road changed my life.

A few years after that at the new store, I discovered Ozark Traditional Fiddling music and that changed me forever too.

Previous to that I discovered how much I liked John Hartford and just how dynamic and creative and real he was. I had not really "got" him. I never paid any attention to him. I saw him on Hee Haw and just could not understand who that nut was, what with the bowler hat! I sure get him now and could not imagine a life without his music from all of his phases.

Starting this blog caused me to explore around a bit and lo and behold I keep finding new things in this music to enrapture me. I have had the pleasure of meeting some nice folks too.

The really good thing is that the roads I have been traveling have been good roads. Bluegrass, Flatpicking guitar music, Old Time, Ozark fiddling, Missouri Fiddling, Arkansas Old Time music. It's all been good. So I think I am on the right track.

Discovering new songs can send you down a new or different road that changes your life. Have you noticed that too?

I hope you find the good roads like I did.

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