McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Friday, May 21, 2010

The beauty of an Instrument

I am a gearhead. I like gadgets and tools and instruments and guns and on and on and on. When I see a new guitar I am drawn like a mosquito to fresh blood. I can't help it. If that guitar has a sunburst, especially a Gibson style sunburst, I am filled with lust and yearn to pull that box close to me. Sick, isn't it?!
My first guitar was a late fifties Gibson hollow body electric. Foolishly, I sold it in the late sixties. Stupid, stupid, stupid! It has a sunburst to die for. Total eye candy.

I love the spartan simplicity and elegance of Martins too. It speaks authenticity and tone. Old Gibsons are like that too. Especially if they are beat up played over relics. I saw one in the old Mountain Music Shoppe that sounded awesome and it had a broken bridge! Jim Curley wanted $3000 for it and that wasn't happening with me.

I stopped hanging out at the Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum because having gas and being broke and soon to get very broke, made no sense. Lusting for a new guitar or that banjo I want to get, or that fiddle is just an exercise in futility now.

I am grateful I have my Martin. It continues to satisfy and delight. I am a Martin man. (I would entertain an affair with an old Gibson Southern Jumbo)

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