McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Public Service Message.....really

While I am stepping out of my music shoes tonight and finding my right arm is indeed available for us I wish to take this opportunity to urge you to take seriously our governments appeals for you to take deliberate steps to prepare for such things as natural disasters, terror attacks, and other horrible eventualities.

Several top government officials have gone to some lengths to issue warnings about the possibilities of horrible things being perpetrated by terrorists.

Therefore, I urge every reader, no matter where you live to visit our government websites and begin to gather helpful information concerning what you can do for yourself and family in the event of a disaster or terror attack.

I know you know how to google so I won't offer you links. Please, I urge you to give this some real consideration. Who would have thought New Orleans would endure what it did and what could happen to an American city?

Imagine an F-4 tornado sweeping through the heart of KC? I can happen. What will you do?

My apologies for departing from Old Time Music. Such worrying about things must come with age but if I can influence one person to think about this and maybe take steps to prepare I will think any ridicule is worth it.

This is not fringe stuff. Your very government is telling you to beware.
Who would of thought up Sept. 11, 2001?

If we bomb Iran, my warnings will take on new urgency. Again, I deliberately try to restrain from and avoid politics but this is beyond that.

Public Service Announcements over for now. Back to music

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