McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Proving once more this blog is differant

I am part Scot. My Great Grand Mum was all Scot. Supposedly born in Scotland. My Grandfather really related to his Scot side.
So, in honor of them and because I love Celtic Music nearly as much as I love Old Time, here is some bagpipe playing by a member of Battlefield Band,

I also offer this in memory of Michael Spencer of Kentucky who recently passed away. He is worth a nod as the pipes are played. You may not know who he is. It does not matter. He was like us all. Battered about by the strange world we live in and just when he appeared to be hitting his stride found himself in the presence of the grim reaper. Anyone who thinks that providence and fate always makes sense and orders our lives in ways that make sense to us has not lived long.

So let the pipes play for us all in our staggering through this world. Why did'nt the pipes make it to the Ozarks!?

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