McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Monday, April 5, 2010

New names on my favorite musicians list

I just added Jeremy Myers to my favorite musicians list. While I have admired him from afar and have yet to meet him I held off on adding him to the list. After listening to him a fair amount and seeing him play so well these days, and playing multiple instruments credibly well, it is high time I added him.

One of the things I really enjoy about his playing is that he (so far at least)does not go for the flash and keeps it down to earth and real Ozarks all the time.

I have noted that some fiddlers apparently get bored with this and move into more jazzy stuff or go "Texas style" or go swing. While I understand this need to expand musical horizons, I still have to say, they lose me when they do. I well know they are playing for their pleasure and not mine and would have it no other way.

I am personally attracted to and most enjoy the basic fiddle styles of the Ozarks and Missouri Valley and the Appallacians. (I also enjoy the Canadians but less so)

I have heard one fiddler on this list that plays so elegantly and sophisticated yet remains true to this ideal. I heard him live and he is a remarkable musician. He proved to me that it's possible to stay true to this kind of fiddling and still bring your considerable talent to bear in its expression and not move into more jazzy material.

To be sure, I have very ecclectic tastes in music. Remarkably so for a man pushing 60. I enjoy jazz, Old Time, Bluegrass, Rock, Classical. You should see what's on my I Pod.

Upon reflection, I also thought it was high time I added Howard Marshall. I just have not been able to hear him as much but what I have heard I liked.

Then I got to thinking, why had I not already added Ashley Hull? Well, I did now.


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