McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Sunday, April 11, 2010

In honor of Phil Mickleson's third win at Augusta

Tommy Jerrell plays Bonaparte's Retreat. I was thinking of Tiger when I picked the tune. The contrast at the 18th hole with Phil embracing his wife who is fighting breast cancer and surrounded by his children and Father and poor Tiger off to the side with his loss and no family to celebrate with to be seen. It must be a dark day for Tiger. Hence, I thought of Bonaparte's Retreat. Bonaparte was a military genius who fell to the fatal illness of hubris and led his troops into Russia and defeat.
They are still digging up dead french soldiers after all this time. Mass graves turn up more often these days for some reason.
It seems Tiger fell into some kind of hubris as well and is feeling the effects.
The Greeks warned us about this didn't they!?
It's always sad when these things happen. It never just hurts one person. It can hurt a lot of people.

So, here's to Phil's wonderful win today in Georgia and my empathy is with Tiger who will be flying home to Florida winless and no one by his side to comfort him. At least no one died.

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