McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Flatpicking Guitar music

It happened when I was driving past the Mountain Music Shoppe back in 2003. I looked over and thought, "hey, I want to go in and look around!". When I laid sight on the acoustic guitars it hit me. I have to do this. I have to learn to play the guitar.
After a lifetime of yearning with an abortive attempt in my early teen years, I bought a guitar and shortly after began lessons there. I had one lesson in the old building and followed them to the new store on Shawnee Mission Parkway.
I wanted to learn to play like Doc Watson. Not that I thought I ever really could but essentially, to learn to flatpick and play "bluegrass".
Being in my early fifties, I found this not very easy. But I had the fire inside me to drive me on in spite of my obvious lack of natural ability. It was something that I HAD to do.
It wasn't very long before I discovered Norman Blake. Doc Watson had always been my favorite for many years. After getting into the playing part more and listening to more flatpicking type music, I found that Norman Blake was my favorite. I actually enjoyed his style the most and listened to him more than anyone else.
I still love Doc Watson. I was even able to see him perform live a few years ago and he will always hold a special place in my heart.
Norman Blakes has a style that I most hope to emulate. I love that hopped up Carter style he often plays. It's my favorite way of playing.

The Lawrence Ks area has some killer flatpickers. I took lessons from one of them.
You don't hear much about them it seems. Now that Mountain Music Shoppe is gone, we don't have anywhere to hear them in KC except when JoCo has a Doc Watson in town.

So, I am breaking away from my focus on the midwest and will post some Norman Blake clips as well as Tommy Jerrell clips. These are two giants I love to hear.

Billy Gray is one of my favorites.

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