McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Friday, April 30, 2010

Andy Griffith, Old Time Guitar Picker

It may be surpirsing to find that Andy Griffith is a fine example of an old time guitar picker. Look at this clip of him playing with Roland and Clarence White.

Here is another of Andy playing rhythm.

Watch Andy Griffith and Johnny Cash play. Pretty much the same way. That my friends is how guitar was played in the day before the great stylistic revolution of flatpicking overwhelmed the Bluegrass and Old Time world. Before Doc and Clarence White and some lesser knowns, guitar was played this way.

In this video, Chris Sharp (John Hartford band alum) has studied the Lester Flatt style (fingerstyle) and is teaching how to do it. This is all pre-flatpicking stuff.

While I am a flatpicker, I can see that the whole flatpicking wave completely changed how bluegrass and old time was played with a guitar. Only in recent years have we been reminded how it used to be differant. Chris Sharp and Mike Seeger have made instruction videos on how to play this nearly forgotten style. I will be taking up the challenge of learning that style myself later this year.
To close, take note that Norman Blake has always played fingerstyle as part of his work. Yet another reason he rates so high in my book.

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  1. Andy Griffith finger-picks in a style all his own. Shame more people don`t play similar styles. Flat pickers get to sounding pretty much all alike to me, but every person that finger-picks has their own "signature".


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