McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Vintage Instruments and the current crisis

Bear with me here.
I have Mandolins in my closet that are probably about a hundred years old. If not older. I have held Martins in my lap that were built in 1939 which is that pre-war period considered the Golden Age of Martin Guitars. Recently a vintage Gibson Mandolin was discovered in the Lawrence Ks area (or is it KC?) that is a rare and most valuable type.
They came from a time when times were also tough. War, depression, struggle to survive. They are still here. Like us.
We are the seed of those who endured. Not because they were heroic or special. They just had to do what they did to get along.
My old Mandolins are pretty sad to look at now. Japanese instruments from a time when Mandolins became very popular.
I keep them to remind me of my Grandfather and his parents, my Great Grandfather and Grandmother. They went through terrible times and endured things I never had to. I went through some hard times when I was young but never as bad as what they went through.
I think we will get through all this. I think it will actually get harder. Much harder. I don't see a lot of sunshine ahead. We might not like it but we will do what we have to do.
My Mandolins in the closet tell me that my Grandkids will be playing my guitars long after I am gone.
I hope when they look back, it will be like me. "How in God's name did he make it then?"

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