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McClurg Jam

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pilgrimage to Tekamah Nebraska

I am a hopeless history nut. Always have been. I visit Cemeteries to look at old graves. They tell a story.

When I was called to Fremont Nebraska for a job interview I immediately thought of it's proximity to Tekamah where "Uncle" Bob Walters the renowned Missouri Valley style fiddler. This is where he lived and is buried.

Recently Missouri Valley Music released a two CD set of his music. Fiddlers in the know are excited about this. Even though Bob Walters has been gone now since 1960, his legacy remains fifty years later.

I have to admit he is not my favorite. I have a couple mp-3's of his work and they don't really send me but I need to hear more.

It will help if I quote Charlie Walden, on Bob Walters

"Walters is a seminal figure in Midwestern fiddling whose influence on the tradition was considerable during the 1940 and 50s, the heyday of agricultural broadcasting in the Central states. Walters, a Nebraska native, performed over numerous radio stations in the region and was widely admired and imitated by such well-known performers as Cyril Stinnett, Lonnie Robertson and Dwight Lamb."

You can learn more about Bob Walters at Charlies several websites on Missouri Fiddling. I always encourage folks to stop by his sites for an education.

Anyway, to get back to where this is headed, I will stop by and visit his gravesite and take a photo, of which I will post here.

The local newspaper located his grave for me and for that I am grateful. I love small towns.

I also wish to note with pride that according to the Editor, Mark Jackson, the stone has a Masonic symbol on it. Being a Mason myself, I am more than pleased to hear Bob Walters was a brother Mason. In fact, if you look at the photo, I bet that is a Masonic ring on his right hand. (I guess you have to be a Mason to understand this)

UPDATE: My camera was not able to function so I skipped the trip to Tekamah. Dang it.


  1. Thanks for stopping by the blog Kansas....used to work on the other side of your state. In Radio, as News Director, at KGNO in Dodge City, back in the early 1980s.

  2. I got a kick out of reading your article about the late Bob Walters which was my Grandpa. If you had only gotten the chance to meet him and heard him play live you would have really appreciated his music and the man behind the fiddle.There are currently plans for a family reunion and dedication to Bob Walters on Oct. 16th in Tekamah. Lots of family,friends,& musicians will be attending. This event is being hosted by Bill Petersen and Dwight Lamb.
    Thanks for your interest in fiddle music.
    Ron Walters


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