McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Job? Fiddle?

I am going up to Fremont Nebraska for a job interview thursday. I have just about decided that if I land this one, I will take up the fiddle after all. I just love fiddle music.
I think the fiddle is the key instrument in Old Time music. It's the sun that the other planets revolve around, at least for me.
At the rate I learn, at 59 yrs old now, I expect I should be able to play White River in say,,,ten years so when I am 70 I might still have a chance of passing myself off as an old fiddler.
My neighbors 12 yr old daughter is taking violin/fiddle lessons from KC Strings over in Merriam Ks. I might well do the same. Unless I am on the road too far out.

I am sure I will not soon become as fine a player as this young lady in Mountain Veiw Ark. All I know is her name is Mary.

At the very least, I will start taking lessons again with my guitar. The back up guitar player is doing a fine job and I hope to do what he is doing soon.

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