McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Jam two

We had our second Jam tonight. It went pretty well and thunderation! A Fiddler showed up! Hallelujah! Becky please come back again!
There were a few less people but all in all it was a good group.
I will post a list of songs that we all seemed to enjoy but could use more info about them. Like chords. Keys. You know, the usual.
To those who came, thanks for coming.

I had been in too bad a funk to really prepare for this jam but I will be better prepared with songs next time.

This jam is primarily for Old Time and Bluegrass but there is room for other stuff too. I did this so I could have a jam to play my tunes and at the same time provide a place for others to do the same.

If I did not have such big fingers I would love to pick up the mandolin. The mandolin players really do wonders for a jam.

My real lust is for the fiddle. I really would love to learn how. Maybe next year.


  1. Hey Gary, this is Becky Stevens (that fiddle player!). I won't be around next month. I already have that weekend scheduled teaching lost arts (weaving, spinning, felt making, and OLD TIMEY music) with kids from the KS School for the Blind. I might be able to come in May and am gone again in June. I hope you can persuade your fellow jammers to stick with old timey music, I was caught a little off guard when ya'll broke out into Stairway to Heaven!

  2. Thanks for commenting Becky. I am working on the Stairway to Heaven Issue. I am determined to have this be an Old Time Jam.
    I hate to run anyone off so I am considering starting a second jam up for those guys...One way or the other I will get this on track.

  3. Please read my latest post about this.


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