McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ashokan Farewell

We played this last night at the jam and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. Next time I will have hand out sheets for this and other tunes to help us play it well.
Here are some videos of the tunes but players mined from youtube.

The online site, Folkguitar gives these chords for it. Key of D
D--|D/F# bass--|G--|Em--|D--|Bm--|Gmaj7--|A7--|D--|D7/F#--|G--|Em--|D--|Bm--|A--|D--|D--|D7/F#--|G--|D--|D--|Bm--|A--|A7--|D--|C--|G--|D--|D--|D--|A7--|D--:||

I found another set elsewhere

D G Em D A D G Em D A D D G D G A D C G D A D This is a bit simpler.

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