McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Uncle Baccy Juice

I was hunting around for Bill Graham video and stumbled onto his playing with a group called Uncle Baccy Juice. Here they are playing in Liberty Mo.
I like it. Angeline the Baker.
Bill Graham used to be one of the better KC Star reporters who covered the northland beat. He has played the Mandolin for many years and occasionally writes for the Mandolin Cafe out of Lawrence which, ta da! Scott Tichenor runs. Small world.
I will have to check these folks out and post about them some more.

Yet another reason I loathe the Star. They let Bill Graham go and keep Jenee' Osterholdt who embodies absurdity. Yes, I said it. I hate the KC Star. They ran a fine newspaper into rubbish. This comes from a newspaper addict who did two things in the morning before I did anything else. Make and drink coffee and read the paper. Now it's make and drink coffee and read the news on my laptop. It turns out to be much better anyway.

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