McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Keep on the Sunny Side Old Time Jam countdown

I am a bit nervous about it but excited too. The first jam starts next saturday evening in Shawnee. One week to go. I have been kind of practicing again and will do so a lot more the rest of the week.

I hope the turnout is good so we can do some fun playing. I am also looking forward to meeting some new people. This new jam has to be a good thing. I know a lot of people will be happy it's available.

My hope is that it will fill on one of the big holes left when Mountain Music Shoppe died over a year ago. I am still upset about that.

Please visit for current info on this jam. Directions and such may be found there.

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  1. Yes, I miss the Mountain Music Shoppe and the monthly jams.

    Thanks for filling in the blank spot.

    You are appreciated by,

    harris aka "lips deutsch"
    have harmonici will travel


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