McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The first jam in Shawnee

Tonight was the first jam session for the Keep on the Sunnyside Old Time and Bluegrass Jam in Shawnee.

We had a good turnout and a good time was had by all.

To those who attended and are reading this, welcome to my blog. Thanks for coming to the Jam this evening.

Thanks to for helping this jam happen.

Thanks to that helpful person who started the daisy chain that brought in some fine folks and nice players who did not know about FolkJam.

I am trying to make my camera transer the pictures but it's not working now. Maybe later.

I had one stupid moment when I said I was going to play Billy in the Low Ground and actually started playing Red Haired Boy. Jeez! Nothing like a Homer Simpson moment at the first jam!

We need a fiddler at this jam!!!

I am going to change the date for the next jams to the SECOND saturday of each month instead of the third. I am hoping to poach a fiddler or two from a differant jam that was also on the third saturday.

Poor people had to endure me singing one song...

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  1. Fun time for this nearly normal jammer.

    Nigel, the puppet that Rocks and Talks, and I were inspired by all the talent and energy. "We" look forward to the next outing. Boy are my lips tired from blowing the harp.

    harris aka "lips deutsch"
    Doctor of Laughology
    have puppets will travel


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