McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bring your playing to a Jam

When I started out to learn how to play guitar, tops on my list of motivations was the intense desire to play and make music with others.

I still have that desire too!

However, as new players we are all intensely aware of how badly we play and how ignorant we are and that causes a lot of people to hide in their bedrooms or whatever, and play alone and never for anyone else or in a jam.


In our fear we isolate ourselves and block off one of the biggest and most effective tools to progressing in our skills out there. It happened to me. It has probably happened to you too. At least at some point. I put off attending jams for years. You probably did too.

Wellllll..... Snap out of it!

Everyone at a jam is at varying levels of playing skills and no one will laugh at you or make fun of you for not being perfect. Initially you might well suck, when you attempt to lead a song in a Jam. Likely as not you will. Just bull your way through it and keep going. You will get used to playing in front of people and making mistakes in the process. Each time you play in front of others is a victory you can build on and each time you attempt to lead, you will find yourself getting stronger and more confident. This leads to real progress.

So pull out of that lonely dead end street you travel and find thee a Jam and discover the joy you went looking for when you started. It's out there.

Personally, my favorite part of playing in a jam is when we are all in time and I am playing chords and following the lead.

If your one of those veteran players who play really well, come on out and help us cluttsy players out so there can be more good players for you to play with in the future. Most good players I know enjoy teaching lesser lights.

So my advice to all is...go find a jam and join in the fun. And do it asap. You WILL thank me.

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