McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Allen's Archive of Early and Old Country Music (blog)

I am long overdue to tell you about this blogsite.

This is a blog done by a collector in SW Missouri who wants to SHARE his collection with his readers. He posts photos of the covers as well as song lists AND!!! on occasion will share the music with us for free downloads. The music varies from old bluegrass to old nashville country to old time fiddlers.

Recently I realized that I needed to learn what was really out there as to Missouri fiddlers and Old Time music recordings from musicians from around the area in general. There is no discography to cover what I really like in Old Time Music in this region. This caused me to stop by Allen's blog and start paying more attention to what he is doing.

What I found there really excited me in my new quest for recordings. I got decidedly giddy when I realized I could actually download music from there.

In this economy, I can't afford to buy much. There is lots of out of print music out there and often the performers are no longer with us. Why can't this stuff be passed around more than it is? Well, it can. Allen is to be commended for doing some of this.

This is not to say, we should not support our musicians. We should. CD's, LP's and Tapes of currently available recordings should not be shared freely among the general public. The last thing we should do is rip off the good folks who play Old Time Music and try to get a small return on the investments they made by making a CD.

In this new freer internet world with our ability to pass data around, we now have a way to conserve and recycle music that would otherwise languish in someone's vault who might or might not ever release it again. Think of what has been lost or is lying dormant in some drawer and will never be heard or heard of?

Thanks to folks like Allen this tragedy is not as bad as it has been.

Beyond the music downloads, I appreciate the information he brings to us. At some point I hope to share my list of recordings that I think we should know about. In fact, I may have to spin off a new blog to contain that if I develop that idea like I have in mind.

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