McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thinking about starting a Jam in Shawnee 2

I recieved an email asking about my plans for a jam in Shawnee. I have mentioned this before here.
I have the space lined up and it will be free. It even has a kitchen.
And lots of chairs.
I have not set a time and day yet because I am not sure what days are free yet, for that space.
I will try to have an announcement in a week or two.

I am leaning toward a Saturday afternoon. Or is sunday better? I would like to avoid sunday because of the jams that happen in Lawrence on that day. It would be nice to have some Lawrence people visit sometime.


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  1. I think having a jam in Shawnee is a wonderful idea. I play both guitar and banjo and would love to have a jam on this side of the Missouri line, as there seems to be a few in Independence or up north of K.C. Anyway I am certainly hoping that this jam can occur and look forward to hearing more about it. Neal


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