McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Steve Kaufman Kamp got me thinking

I just received this email from Steve Kaufman about the Kamps he puts on this coming year. I have gotten these before in years past but this time it was differant.

Here is part of what was in the letter.

"Our Old Time and Traditional Music Kamps
held on the grounds of Maryville College in Maryville, TN just 17 miles south of Knoxville.
Week One is typically the more Old Time and Traditional week."

Is this a new emphasis? Are they less "Bluegrass" now? Kind of interesting.
I have never been to Kamp. Several area folks have been and I have heard nothing but great things to those who have attended.

So, is this a good sign for Old Time? I know Bluegrass surged after "O Brother" the movie in 2000. The economy hit the Festival world hard and I know business is down. Is Bluegrass in decline now and Old Time perking up? I have no idea but it would be intersting to know what is happening out there.

I have an idea things are changing out there. Maybe they have always been like this at Kamp and I did not know but it was worth commenting on here.

If you are interested in Kaufmans Kamps, you should google that and check it out. As for me, I just need to practice more. I have fallen off practice for over a month now and it shows.

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