McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Friday, January 22, 2010

Shawnee Jam part 3

OK OK, I know I have to do this. My main reservation is that I am not the best person to lead a Jam given my limited playing skills. I will have to hope I get help.
So right now I have to get a day and time set up within the availability of the space.

The space will be the Shawnee Masonic Lodge which is at Johnson Drive and Neiman rd. Ironically or not, it is kitty cornered from the original Mountain Music Shoppe location and just a little bit down and across from the second location. (There were three locations in all)

I really intend for this jam to be dedicated to Old Time and Traditional Music. Of course there will and should be the latitude to play what might feel right at the time but primarily, Old Time.

There are quite a few Bluegrass jams on the east side of the metro and are well established.So there is an outlet for that.

There is no dedicated Old Time jam in the metro. You have to go to Lawrence for that and I don't have much of a gas budget these days.

So, I am thinking sometime in February I will try to have the first one.


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  3. Just recieved a phone call from an interested Jammer. Great! So, it's on. Just have to set a date.


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