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McClurg Jam

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Missouri Fiddle Music and Fiddlers Information Sources

If your like me and you LOVE fiddling and fiddling tunes, and like me you have a particular interest in and enjoyment of, Missouri Fiddling and Fiddlers, then here are some sources on the internet you should know. I mention Charlie Walden a lot here because he is one of my primary sources for information on the net for all this. I have been reading and mining his websites for years now and they are chock full of good stuff.

Using his primary website as the begining point with links to send you into deeper explorations visit his site at

Another Charlie Walden site is,

These two sites will give you a running start at learning more about Missouri Fiddling.

In the interest of full disclosure, although I have lived in Kansas for nearly 17 years now, I lived in Missouri for about twenty years. Nine of those years I lived in the Ozark region of Southern Missouri.
It's clear to me that the fountain of much of our Old Time Music bubbled up from Missouri. This is not to neglect Arkansas or Oklahoma which I will talk about later on. It's funny how State borders can demarcate our cultural expressions but they have and still do to an extent. Less so now than in the past when travel was more difficult but I still think they matter.

Part of the reason we hear about Missouri fiddlers is due to the work of Charlie Walden, and Gordon McCann who went to the trouble to help preserve the work and memories of some awful good fiddlers from the past. Of course there were others out there contributing to this too. It takes alot of shoulders to stand on for these men to have done what they did. I certainly stand on theirs for this humble scribble.

Think about how much has been lost for all time because someone did not perform the same efforts for Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas and even Iowa.
You know they had fiddlers there too.

I almost forgot but should hasten to add the name of John Hartford to being important to this work. His CD Hamilton Ironworks and his production work and influence in getting Gene Goforth in recording the CD, Eminence Breakdown did a lot to introduce Missouri Fiddling and styles to the world. Hamilton Ironworks was one of my early introductions.

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