McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Friday, January 15, 2010

Home made instruments

Maybe I should start talking about instruments more. I have been meaning to for some time. The Kansas City and Lawrence area has some of the best Luthiers in the WORLD. Some of the best guitars and Mandolins and fiddles are being made right here! By masters of their art. Leo Posch has become one of the more recognized luthiers in the USA and the last few years has been building fantasic guitars out of his McClouth home workshop. I mean to say he builds guitars that sound perhaps as good as you can imagine! There are several master violin makers in Kansas City that build fiddles/violins that are extremely highly regarded and sought after by master musicians across the world. There are mandolin builders here that are building some very very fine mandolins one at a time.
I am personally not aware of any banjo makers except Leo Posch will build one and has built several. It is my intention of featuring some posts on these builder later this week or next. Oh yeah, I can't write this without mentioning Mass St. Music in Lawrence where they have a workshop capable of repairing any stringed instrument of
any vintage as well if not better than anywhere on earth. And do they have guitars!

So this is my next long term project.

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