McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Monday, January 25, 2010

Exciting news from the Rocky Mountains!!!!!

Here is information I was forwarded late this morning. Some on the ball people are doing what we should be doing HERE in our area!! Some musicians and bands out there may find this interesting. If any local people think they might attend, please share that with me. I would especially like to hear about any local bands who might attend. Feedback is always appreciated!

A new A group of folks here in Fort Collins are planning something that we think Colorado desperately needs, and quick: a great old-time music festival!

We're calling it the Rocky Mountain Old-Time Music Festival, and we've started the Central Rockies Old-Time Music Association (CROMA) to raise money for this and other old-time music events. We'd also like to be the communication center for the old-time bands, musicians, and aficionados along the Front Range and beyond. We will soon have a web presence and an e-newsletter, and we aim to make CROMA a great resource for those who love to play and listen to old-time music. For more information, please see our mission statement at the end of this email.

We would like to showcase Central Rockies-based old-time bands at our inaugural festival, which will be held at Avogadro's Number in Fort Collins on Saturday, August 28, 2010. There will be lots of music, workshops, and jamming throughout the day, indoors and out, and we're hoping that as many as possible local/regional old-time bands will be interested in playing up to a 45 minute set on-stage. Because we are in the initial planning phase, we don't know what type of compensation we can offer, other than a free meal and a free drink for each band member. We'll also give each participating band a free membership in CROMA. If fundraising goes well, we plan to further compensate each band. We know that this isn't a lot, but we're hoping that many will participate in the spirit of promoting old-time music and making the first of many Rocky Mountain Old-Time Music Festival events a success.

If your band is interested and available to play at our festival, please respond to this email and we'll put you on the list. We're also looking for folks interested in giving workshops, so if you have an idea and can teach it (or know someone who can), please let us know! We envision this being a wonderful opportunity for fans of old-time music to get together, hang out, play music, and eat good food. We really hope to see all of you at the festival.

Please forward this email far and wide to other musicians and bands who might be interested.

Thanks and all the best,
(Lori Nitzel, Beth Mosko, Marke Foxworthy, and Bob Zuellig)

The mission of the Central Rockies Old-Time Music Association (CROMA) is to preserve, promote, and present old-time music in the Central Rocky Mountain region.

CROMA fulfills its mission by affiliating fellow musicians, and sharing the communal experience of pre-bluegrass/early American fiddle and banjo music through public events and educational programs. Specifically, CROMA strives to expand the presence of old-time music by scheduling and promoting jams and performances, encouraging the mentoring of musicians of all levels, bringing in individuals with expertise to share with the community, and serving as the digital communication hub for regional bands, musicians, dancers, and listeners.

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