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McClurg Jam

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cyril Stinnett, My Second Favorite Missouri Fiddler

Actually, it really is hard for me to say who is the favorite and second favorite and don't really often think that way most of the time. It does make it easier to blog about who I like better, best, less best so it becomes interesting to read about. So that's why I do it. But it remains true that Cyril Stinnett is one of my most favorite Missouri Fiddlers.
He clearly loved the fiddle. He never married and stayed on the farm his whole life and Charlie Walden says he never worked hard at anything much except he must have worked hard on that fiddle playing. Cyril could play like no one's business.
He lived up by Oregon Missouri which is north of St. Joseph Mo. in the Missouri River Valley. He knew and played with Lonnie Robertson and Uncle Bob Walters. He is considered of the Missouri Valley fiddling style and he and Walters are probably the best examples out there.
Another thing was, he was left handed! Being a lefty, I find this wonderful to find a lefty musician who can play like he did.
Charlie Walden is said to be the current best Missouri style fiddler in the manner of Cyris Stinnett and it's a good thing someone out there can still do it. More on Charlie later!

The more I listen to Cyril Stinnett, the more I really enjoy and appreciate him. He's been gone for a good many years now. (1912-1986) I have just a few recordings by him and am going to be gathering as many as I can in the future. If you love fiddling and Missouri style then you must find some Cyril Stinnett recordings. He is one of those must have's when it comes to having fiddling recordings.

I Tunes has "Three Fiddlers from the Show-Me State" which features Cyril along with Lyman Enloe and Casey Jones. There are 7 tunes by Stinnett on that album. Marmadukes Hornpipe, Hookers Hornpipe, Dububque Hornpipe, Pacific Slope and Countrymans Reel,Lantern in the Ditch and St Anne's Reel.

I don't own this particular album yet but will in the future.

"Grey Eagle in C" is an album of his work but I am not certain it is still available now. I am looking for it and will report back if I can find it. There are other small label albums out there but I have not identified them all yet and am working on that too. Probably time to write Charlie Walden!

Charlie was just an old farmer up in northern Missouri but that old farmer could play fiddle and better than most. See how smooth he is? His timing is wonderful.

This thread will move me back to Charlie Walden and then Dwight Lamb for future posts. I have commented about Charlie Walden already but there is more to explore. Same for Dwight Lamb. I have not posted about him yet but need to.

I guess it's that midwestern background that puts me in this place where I enjoy his playing so well. There have been some great fiddlers back east but I find myself drawn to these Missouri boys and their playing.

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