McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Charlie Walden learning Cd's

Charlie Walden has two CD's out to help you learn fiddle tunes. On these recordings, he plays the tune at regular speed and slow speed. While I don't play fiddle..yet anyway, these will help me practice back up with my guitar, which I need lots of practice at. I was stunned to find that my ability to back up at speed was more limited than I thought recently and its time to woodshed!
So go to "Possums" website as found here and order up one or both of those CD's tonight as your contribution to our economic survival and (really) to support the most worthy of Fiddlers out there.

If you have not read my much earlier post on Charlie Walden please do so, or better yet, visit his websites and blog. You can listen to samples of his tunes and see what I am talking about. Also, go on YouTube and you can see more clips of his playing there. I will post some more as well.

Because he lives in Chicago I don't expect we will see him in the Kansas City area anytime soon but my hope is that in a year or two if we can find a venue or build a venue that maybe he could be persuaded to come? Or maybe not. I know he does not tour or anything like that but wouldn't it be wonderful to have the kind of event he likes to show up at....HERE?

Just dreaming but you never know?!!!

Find the CD's HERE!

I read somewhere that bloggers are supposed to tell if they have any vested interest in what they promote on that blog. I have no connection with Charlie or will benefit in any way by this blog. It's all for the love my Brothers and Sisters.

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