McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Players you should know about

I will try to do an occasional posting about an Old Time Player-Musician you should hear about.
My first musician I am going to profile is "Banjo Billy" Matthews. Billy lives somewhere in Southern Missouri, I am told. He used to live in Northern Arkansas after moving from Colorado in 75. He took up the old Ozark ways and began his Old Time quest in lifestyle and music.
For a number of years he used to "build" Banjos, hence,the moniker "Banjo Billy".
While he can and does play banjo, it's the fiddle where he makes his deepest mark. I was fortunate enough to hear him play at the now defunct Mountain Music Shoppe a couple years ago or so. He and Colin Blair played fiddle and fretted and fretless banjos. They were really fine players who clearly loved their music.
Old time fiddle music is clearly the love of his life and he glows with it as he plays to us, the audience.
First thing you should do is check out his website for more about Billy.
I have his Silver Anniversary CD and I love it. He is in the process of recording 300 fiddle tunes and releasing CD's as he goes. These CD's will be a worthy addition to the Old Time Afficianado's collection.
The last time he was supposed to appear in the KC area, a flood where he lives stopped him cold and I missed out seeing him. Now that Mountain Music Shoppe is dead, the venues for him to play here are pretty slim. My dream is to change that at some point but that's for another post.

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  1. I am so glad to find this blog. Billy is my favorite fiddler and banjo guru. You can see Billy live on youtube if you search Listen Up Illinois Banjo Billy from the TV Series in Urbana, IL by Ed Hawkes. You can also visit his site as the blog indicates. If you ever get a chance to see Billy Mathews or Colin Blair live do it!
    Thanks for your Blogs!


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