McClurg Jam

McClurg Jam

Monday, November 23, 2009

The greater KC Old Time Music scene

I am speaking from my own experience and point of view when I say that living in KC and loving Old Time Music has two sides of the coin. On one side, we live in a real hotbed of Old Time music and players compared to other areas of the midwest. If you don't live in the S.E. USA which is the Motherland of much of the music we love, there is not too many other places where so many players live and play.We have Winfield and Mass St.Music and hundreds of muscians.
Yet, on the other hand, our "community" is fragmented and largely out of touch with each other. Lawrence seems to have an active Old Time scene with the preponderance of Bands being in that general area. Yet, there are quite a few folks in KC that love this music and play it too.
The Old Mountain Music Shoppe and Jim Curley had done a lot to help bring this community in focus and his concerts exposed a lot of new fans to this music and some fine muscians. He planted a lot of good seeds that sprouted and grew. Then Suddenly the Shoppe was gone and a huge hole was left to those sprouts.
For many of us in KC, it's hard to find where bands are playing, and places where folks gather around the music.
FolkJams has done a lot to help jams start in our area and it's based in JoCo Ks!
With all these assets in place, we should be more visible and there should be more venues and bands. At the least, people should be able to find out whats going on and where to go. Thats what I am trying to help with here. So help me help us all. Send me your links and link my blog to your sites. Send me your gig dates. Have a band but no website yet? Write me about your bands. Know about something interesting? Please send it on to me here.

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